All you have to do to be eligible for ALIVE Rewards is create an account with us. Gaining points will give you discounts and exclusive offers which you can use when placing an order. 



  • For every £1 you spend with us, you get 3 ALIVE points.
  • There is no expiry dates for points earned.
  • Only one ALIVE Rewards Voucher can be used on a single purchase.
  • ALIVE Rewards Vouchers can be used in conjunction with promotions and sale items.
  • ALIVE Rewards Vouchers can be used for any purchases on our website
  • Any FREE tees purchased using ALIVE Rewards Vouchers cannot be returned.



  • Signing up to the ALIVE Rewards program 
  • Placing orders
  • Following us on Instagram
  • Following us on Twitter
  • Sharing Alive Denim on Twitter
  • Sharing Alive Denim on Facebook
  • Celebrating a birthday
  • Referring friends

*Social media shares/follows & referrals must be done through the Reward Program button on the website to gain points*



To redeem your points, simply click on the Reward Program button in the bottom left of your screen and click Spend Points.

Once you choose your reward, you will be given a promo/discount code which you can use at the checkout.

This code will be sent to you via email and it will be held in the Reward Program button.